packaging my olive oil






I have made many inquiries regarding bottling my olive oil and found that a reasonable 500ml glass bottle with a cork would add almost £2.00 to the final price, so i decided to sell it in both glass and pet bottles, obviously keeping the olive oil at as reasonable a price as possible

I do suggest that you transfer the olive oil from plastic to smaller dark glass bottles if you do not intend to use for a while and store in a cool dark spot

i also package my oil in 2.5 liter plastic jerry cans, thus being able to sell larger quantities at a reasonable price

I inherited these olive groves from my late father who together with my mother painstakingly planted these trees in 1950 they are lovingly cared for by close relatives who originally sold the produce on our behalf to the co operatives who would sell it on for blending and repackaging

it is also my intention to sell directly to you making sure that you are only buying the freshest fruitiest produce, i take great pride in this product as it bears great sentimental value to me