packaging my olive oil






I have made many inquiries regarding bottling my olive oil and found that a reasonable 500ml glass bottle with a cork would add almost £2.00 to the final price, so i decided to sell it in both glass and pet bottles, obviously keeping the olive oil at as reasonable a price as possible

I do suggest that you transfer the olive oil from plastic to smaller dark glass bottles if you do not intend to use for a while and store in a cool dark spot

i also package my oil in 2.5 liter plastic jerry cans, thus being able to sell larger quantities at a reasonable price

I inherited these olive groves from my late father who together with my mother painstakingly planted these trees in 1950 they are lovingly cared for by close relatives who originally sold the produce on our behalf to the co operatives who would sell it on for blending and repackaging

it is also my intention to sell directly to you making sure that you are only buying the freshest fruitiest produce, i take great pride in this product as it bears great sentimental value to me


for the attention of my dear past and present customers

I have put this notice up because you have either purchased our products or made an inquiry with a view to purchasing our products in the past 12 months

some of you may have been put off by the delivery charges, especially to international destinations

we are now able to offer much better competitive delivery prices then ever before.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a direct account with DHL and are able to send our parcels at far better rates within the UK and throughout the world

please note that our small parcels weighing up to 2 kg posted for the UK only are sent with collect plus at a cost of £6.50 and takes about 5 working days

In order that I can quote you accurate prices for the UK and worldwide, it is advisable that you send me an email listing the products that you wish to purchase

and an address of where you would wish your parcel to be delivered

I will then be able to accurately work out the weight and the dimensions of your parcel something the automated system was not capable of doing and email you with the best prices possible including a reasonable discount for my products

if this is to your satisfaction, you can than pay by PayPal using my email address or at your request I would send you a PayPal money request

once completed you can expect a very quick delivery

we also need clear instructions as to where it will be safe to leave the parcel if there is no one at home

we look forward to hearing from you and being given the opportunity to serve you again

best regards mem