Some of my favorite recipes as well as preparations

i am writing this section in order that i can pass on my knowledge and recipes that i have learned over the years including owning a restaurant for 4 years in the city of London i only intend this to be a short reference to enhance your cooking and preparation, also some ideas as to how to use some of my products


baby broad bean salad
boil in salt water until tender drain and add extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped garlic, add salt and lemon juice to taste

beetroot salad
boil until tender, cut to required size and add extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped garlic, add salt to taste

carrot salad
coarsely grate some fresh carrots add extra virgin olive oil and my pomegranate molasses together with salt and pepper to taste, although i prefer not to add salt as the pomegranate already has salt added during production

mussels in beer batter
thread a few large mussels onto a wooden skewer (the large new Zealand green lip mussels are ideal) dip in flour
make a batter mix with plain flour a pinch of salt and enough dark ale to make a thick mixture
coat the mussels and deep fry for a few minutes
serve with a wedge of lemon

cut the squid into rings and put into a deep dish covering it with milk, leave in the fridge for 24 hours
remove and coat with flour and bread crumbs and deep fry for a few minutes
serve with a wedge of lemon

tahin and yogurt bread dip

put a few large spoonfuls of tahin into a small bowl add fresh lemon juice and mix briskly, it will thicken up and discolor keep adding lemon juice until the color lightens up (it may require the juice of 3 lemons or so) at this point add a equal amount of strained yogurt and mix well, now add a good amount of very finely chopped parsley and mix well

main courses

my favorite pasta sauce suitable for 4 to 6 people

use half a small tin of anchovies together with a small jar of capers or preferably my wild caper shoots very finely chopped add 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic momentarily  pass through a blender  so as it remains reasonably coarse
add about an inch of extra virgin olive oil to a small deep pan and pour the mixture in allowing it to heat up gently at this point add a good handful of large peeled prawns only allowing to heat through
pour over the freshly cooked pasta including the olive oil and dress with finely chopped parsley

cream cod serves four

soften a finely chopped onion in olive oil using preferably a wok type pan with lid
keeping it on a gentle heat add the four pieces of cod, add a glass of dry white wine, salt and pepper and a good pinch of dry basil
cut a sweet pepper into strips and add together with a tomato cut into four
add about 12 very fine slices of lemon and put the lid on and allow to simmer
add a small pot of double cream about ten minutes before you finish cooking
allow to simmer and serve on a bed of basmati rice

basmati rice cooked to perfection

measure out the required amount of basmati rice and wash, put to one side
measure out the same amount of water as the rice adding 10% more
put the water into a deep pan with a tight fitting lid, add salt to taste, add a knob of butter as well as a little extra virgin olive oil, allow to come to the boil at this point add the rice and stir with a wooden spoon
allow to come to the boil at this point immediately turn the heat down to the lowest level possible and place the lid on
time it exactly 12 minutes and then take off the heat and allow to stand for a few minutes with lid on

tahin and carob syrup

try this as a dip for your breakfast toast, it will keep you going for the best part of the day
mix on a ratio of 2 spoonfuls of tahin to one spoonful of my carob molasses, mix well and dip your toast

stuffed apricots (serves 4 )

get 12 plump dried apricots, wash and put into a deep bowl, add a large spoonful of sugar and pour enough hot water to cover, leave overnight
remove from syrup and allow ro drain
whip some double cream with a little sugar and fill apricots, stuff apricots with a

dried almond and sprinkle with finely chopped pistachios


 uses for my pomegranate molasses

drizzle on your ice cream, dip your strawberries in it,  marinate chicken pieces in a mixture of pomegranate molasses and olive oil a few hours or preferably the day before you bbq or grill, dress your salad with a mixture of olive oil and pomegranate molasses, add a small amount to stews or braised foods, if cooking venison add to the dripping to make a lovely sauce


carob molasses 

drizzle lightly on pancakes,  use in place of chocolate for diabetics


preserved lemons 

 make a dip for lamb or chicken kebabs by finely chopping the rind with fresh mint and adding to strained yoghurt


finely chop the rind and add to tagines or lamb dishes, please note the lemons have quite a lot of salt so taste before seasoning further




add to raw onions, use for salad dressing or sprinkle on chicken or lamb before grilling or bbqing 


candied walnuts  

serve with blue cheese or as an acompiment  to Turkish coffee serve in a tall glass of ice cold water  


wild caper shoots 


finely chop and add to salads, liquidise with anchovies, for a sauce to be served with fish you can add garlic or chilli peppers to suit your personal taste


wild oregano

put some olive oil into a small bowl  at room temperature and rub some wild oregano into it tear some fresh crusty bread and dip

add 4 buds to a cup of  boiling hot water and  infuse for a few minutes, add some sweetener and drinl a very healthy cup of tea

rub onto meat before grilling or roasting 


wild sage 

make tea as above but only use 3 leaves or so  

use for meat dishes , liver, kidneys, and sausages


st johns wort 

 make a very healthy cup of tea, or  add a bunch of dried st johns wort into a jar and fill with extra virgin olive oil put a tight fitting lid and leave in a sunny position in the conservotery for 6 months , strain and bottle 

dried olive leaves 

burn as an incense in my culture we would normally do this if there is a new born baby or if someone is ill or if you have moved to a new house


make a cup of tea with olive leaves, do not use if you suffer from low blood pressure as it will drop your blood pressure further, also if not sure seek medical advise

for one person add 4 to 6 leaves to a small pan of water and bring to the boil and then simmer for 8 minutes, strain and add honey or sweetener to taste


Cyprus dry cured olives 


cook some with your breakfast eggs in a little olive oil 

or gently bbq or grill for a unique flavour

 try these olives with a fresh acidic orange

or marinate with olive oil lemon juice and some chilli flakes




this is a mixture of pomegranate molasses and the fermented juice of the pickled red turnip

this is sensational with grilled onions  or as a salad dressing


Murat du Carta Cyprus olive oil

fresh and grassy tasting with a peppery kick to it  ideal in my view for pasta as well as sala ds and for dipping


Chateau Carman Turkish olive oil 


mild and creamy with a citrussy kick ideal for chicken and fish dishes as well as for salads, dipping and making mayonnaise with



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