Murat Du Carta

milling & pressing this superb extra virgin olive oil  from the Cyprus olive tree i named it after my late father who planted these trees back in 1950

Described by the New York Magazine as "Englands best olive oil"

Milling and pressing


it is important that olives are taken to the mill for crushing within 36 hours of picking if they are left any longer the level of acidity increases creating an inferior oil, when transporting they should be in small ventilated containers so as they are not crushed

before being crushed the olives are washed and they are also run under a vacuum to draw up any remaining leaves and debris, 

the olives are then crushed whole by stainless steel grinder's the olive paste is then layered on natural fibre mats which are then stacked with metal discs between them on a hydraulic press, this is then slowly pressed at high pressure and the oil and water drains through the mats and is collected for separation through a centrifugal  separator

the oil is then put into large plastic containers and transported for bottling and distribution 

 one of the greatest pleasures i have experienced is to bring some fresh crusty bread to the press and dip it into your own fresh oil as it comes out of the press