the health benefits of using extra virgin olive oil

Health benefits studies have shown that people using olive oil instead of animal fats as well as hydro generated fats and vegetable oils have much lower rates of heart disease. atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and asthma.

it is also associated with lower rates of rheumatoid arthritis the ability to lower blood pressure and the ability to lower breast cancer risks

extra virgin olive oils is one of the few oils that can be eaten without having had any chemical processing, and it retains all of its natural flavor's minerals and vitamin's antioxidant's and other healthy contents to maintain high levels of antioxidant's the olives must be picked and processed as early as possible


studies have shown that when people with high cholesterol levels remove the saturated fats from their diet and replace it with olive oil their total cholesterol levels drop an average 13.4%.

please note that these benefits occurred when they used olive oil in place of other fats rather than simply adding olive oil to a diet high in unhealthy fats

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